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You, the earth and me


Alexandra Leisi

diploma Physiotherapist FH

Homeopathic products and the wonderfully smelling, naturally derived oils have accompanied me on my travels through Asia.

For 3.5 years I lived in various places in Indonesia where access to a pharmacy was only possible with a 1 hour drive. 

So it happened that I used the traditional medicine of the locals for various cuts from surfing or gastrointestinal complaints.


They made me ointments, disinfectants and juices from roots, leaves, citrus fruits and bark. This inspired me to look for essential oils that could help me with various ailments without having to go to a pharmacy right away. 


I discovered doTerra products by accident when I was looking for essential oils for my first-aid kit and wanted to make various cleaning products for my Pilates studio.

In my everyday work as a postnatal and Pilates instructor, I come into regular contact with essential oils. 

It is very important to me that the products I use for myself and my customers are natural and can be used professionally. 

doTerra oils are a natural alternative for health-conscious people.

I am very happy to advise you on the effect, special features and application methods.


Essential Oils
Alexandra Leisi

ID# 13381024


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