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Together Starter Kit

Your wellness box for your home and/or workplace.


What does the dōTERRA Together Starter Kit include?

Lavandula angustifola (15mL)

The oil of relaxation and communication. 
- supports skin regeneration

- natural disinfectant (cuts)
- Promotes healthy, deep sleep

- soothing for skin and emotions.

Peppermint (15mL)

The Oil of the Living Heart.
- supports digestion

- calms stomach problems

- relieves tension
- cools, refreshes and increases alertness

Lemon (15mL)

The Oil of Concentration.

- lifts the mood and puts you in a good mood

- donates energy
- has an invigorating, cleansing and detoxifying effect

- promotes concentration

Wild Orange (15mL)

The oil of abundance and wealth

- helps with lack of energy, stress and lack of thoughts

- promotes creativity

- supports a positive mood

Citrus Bliss (15mL)

The Oil of Happiness 

- invigorating blend (wild orange, lemon, grapefruit, mandarin, bergamot, tangarine, clementine and a hint of vanilla absolute)

- has a stimulating, mood-enhancing effect

- promotes feelings of happiness

Lemongrass (15mL)

The oil of purification

- has a cleansing and energizing effect

- supports the immune system

Eucalyptus (15mL)

The oil of well-being

- has a calming and relaxing effect

- supports the airways during colds

Green Manderin (15mL)

The oil of pure potential

- Mood-enhancing
- helps to say goodbye to limiting feelings and beliefs. For people who have a lot of doubts, especially about themselves, feel trapped in a hopeless situation and wish to feel lightness again and shed ballast, Green Mandarin can be an encouragement and relief. 

doTERRA On Guard® (15mL)

Protective Blend

The oil  for protection
- supports the immune system and oral health

- strengthens you to stand up for yourself

Balance® (15mL)

grounding blend
The Oil of Forgiveness

- has a balancing and clarifying effect

- promotes a feeling of well-being, relief and patience

- can counteract feelings of guilt and anger

Motivate® (5mL)

Encouraging mix
The oil of motivation

- promotes self-confidence, optimism and determination

- can counteract negative feelings

Adaptiv® (15mL)

Soothing Blend
The oil of tension

- has a calming effect on stress, fear, anger, ADS/ADHD

doTERRA Laluz™ diffuser

  • Even at the highest fog output level, the diffuser runs for one, two or four hours, depending on the setting selected.

  • Up to eight hours of running time with the lowest fog output.

  • For rooms up to 30m2.

  • Optional Mood Adjusted Lighting Setting: Dimmed warm white lavender light.

Essential booklet

product catalogue

doTERRA Lofo Engraved Wooden Box

Custom-designed to hold 25 essential oils, the logo-engraved wooden box is lightweight and compact so you can take your oils with you wherever you go.
It also serves as a beautiful display case for your oils at presentations.

Size: 6 1/2 x 6 1/2 x 3 inches


€315 (incl. shipping)

You, the earth and me

The oils ofdoTERRA are a natural alternative for health-conscious people.

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